Anatoly Suzdaltsev

CEO General VR

General VR — is an international VR/AR software company, created by the largest IT companies in Eastern Europe — Inventive Retail Group and LANIT. Therefore, we combine innovations and reliability of one of the largest companies.

Our main  is Virtual and Augmented reality Software Solutions and Professional Services for business. We create solutions for Construction and Real Estate companies, for airlines, for corporate universities, as well as solutions for sales and marketing in FMCG.

Our key principles — High Quality of our Software and Services, clear and honest business relations with our customers, applied VR and AR innovations, which help our customers to improve business efficiency.

We invite companies interested in the business development and business processes efficiency growth with VR and AR solutions. I am sure that we will make the best solution for you and meet your needs!

Email us hello@general-vr.com.